Wines from Chiclana are the best example of the gastronomic culture in the city.

     Chiclana has a large viticultural tradition. The wine from Chiclana was one of large production inside the area known as “Marco de Jerez”. Although the production has lately gone down, in the wine cellars dry and sweet wines ( “finos” and “moscateles”) of high quality are still elaborated. The wines are elaborated with processes that are meticulous and traditional. The visit to one of the wine cellars and the tasting of different wines of the land could be a great experience for the visitor., who will discover that Chiclana, besides the good weather, sun and sea, offers also wines of exceptional quality.

      Concerning the local cooking, it follows the line of the traditional Andalusian cooking.

   The most typical dish is the “Berza Chiclanera”. The fish and the seafood are bred in artificial estuaries and fish-hatcheries that compose its marshes.

   The king-prawn from Chiclana is very unknown. Its caliber is somewhat smaller than what is normal but its flesh is very tasteful. It is the ideal complement for one of the wines from the land.

   We have to point out also the pork sausages from Chiclana, above all the “butifarra” and the “longaniza”, and the “chicharrones”. 

  Pastrymaking and confectionary in Chiclana has a deserved fame in the area. Worth mentioning are the almond tarts made in the Convent of Madres Agustinas Recoletas.

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