There have been found prehistoric rests that tell us about the presence of man in this land since the Paleolithic era.

  In the Old Times, Chiclana, as the other centres of population in the Bay of Cádiz, has as historical references Gadir and Gades. The history of Chiclana has always been associated to the Gaditanian one. In Chiclana there exist vestiges from the old Western civilizations: Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman.

   Between history and legend, the little island of Sancti Petri seems unavoidably joined to the figure of Hercules. This islet has always had a mythical content, as the origin of civilization in the Bay of Cádiz.. Three thousand years ago, the Temple of Hercules would stand here. As far as this myth is concerned, two of the twelve works performed by Hercules would take place in this land.

   During the Modern times, from 16th century on, Chiclana joined his development to the one of the Gaditanian Bay, at that time the centre of the trade with the American colonies.The discovery of America was very important for the development of Cádiz and the other cities in the Bay, Chiclana included. The era of greater splendour was 18th century.

   Nowadays, after an important economic transformation starting in the 60s and 70s, Chiclana is a  city with nearly 60,000 inhabitants, which enjoys an improving and diversified economy and an impressive touristic development, leader in the province of Cádiz. 




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